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Welcome to Xatworld!

The very first Xat chat xat resource site - yes, we checked! The purpose of this site is to help Xat users with things like:

  • Xat backgrounds
  • Xat codes
  • Xat avatars, nicks, cursors, and Xat images
  • Xat tricks
  • Xat generators
  • Xat tutorials
  • The latest news, rumor, and gossip about what's going on at Xat
  • Contests to get free xats, free days, free powers, and much more...

How to use this xat resource site:

1. First, definitely register in the xat forum; this will allow you to take part in our xat community, find out about special xat contests, and get you better acquainted with the other xat users.

2. Visit the Xatworld blog; this site often finds out about new xat powers and functions before they become publicly available on

3. Look around! Use the xat generators, look through the Xat codes, and search through some of the tutorials. We will continually be adding new content.

4. Enojy the site and have fun!

backgrounds, templates, avatars, cursors, images, and much more...

If you need help with Xat, want to comment on the site, or whatever, visit the Xatworld help forum., is your source for Xat news, Xat resources and Xat information. Search through our site for things like Xat Bots, xat backgrounds, xat codes, xat avatars, and xat tutorials. You may also come across one of our xat generators; xat rank stripper, big chat generator, and our wildly useful xat smiley generator.

Did you know that we're on Twitter and Facebook too!

If you'd like access to special xatworld and xat contests and want ocassional unofficial news updates feel free to follow us on our xatworld Twitter and xatworld Facebook.

Also, a special thanks to everyone who makes and continues to make their #1 Xat resource site! We have loads more content to add so keep checking back for updates either here or on the Xatworld blog! :)