[B]How to get the Xat tickle power[/B]

This tutorial will teach you [I]how to get the Xat tickle power[/I] as well as show you how it works.

The Xat tickle power is a free Xat power (Xat’s first free power if memory serves me right). Tickle allows you to see which users are clicking on your Xat nick. Beneath that lies tickle’s real value. Tickle was primarily created to help users secure their Xat accounts. When activated, Tickle adds an additional layer of protection by restricting entry to your Xat account to a very specific range of IP addresses. Scammers trying to gain access to your account from a different location, even having your Xat login credentials, will find that they are unable to get in. Never deactivate, disable or turn your tickle power off – no one, including Xat staff, should ever ask you to do this.

[B]How tickle works[/B]


How to get the Xat tickle power[/B]

1. go to the Xat.com website (always type the URL into your browsers address bar and hit enter).
2. at the top of the page look for and click on the [I]login link[/I]

3. enter your Xat user name (never login with your email address) and your password

4. to the left of “Xat account locking” open the drop down and select “on (locked)”
5. click the login button to continue


6. confirm that “Locking” is set to on (this means you now have the tickle power)

7. sign in to any chat, click your Xat nick, click your powers button, and confirm that you now have the Tickle power and that it’s checked (remember to always keep it checked)

Note: I can’t stress enough the importance of keeping Tickle activated and always making sure that you have your Xat account locking set to ON (locked).

Visit Xat’s official Wiki for additional information on Account locking.