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Xat trade - Calculate the rate of exchange between Xat currencies days and powers with our online Xat trade converter: xats to days and days to xats.

Xat trade Currency conversion calculator

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currency converterThis is our online Xat trade conversion calculator geared specifically for Xat trade related currency (xats, days and powers). Just enter the quantity that you would like to convert or trade, select the currency (xats or days) you'd like to exchange FROM and the currency (days or xats) you'd like to exchange TO. The resulting conversion will be displayed automatically on the screen.

Note: When converting xats to days or days to xats, the default Xat trade exchange rate on Xat has, for the most part always hovered around 10 to 15 xats per day. We've set it at 13 but you can adjust it to suit your own needs. Think of it as a simple calculator.

  • Conversion of xats/days and days to xats for use in Xat Trade and Xat Cambio
Exchange rate: - + xats = 1 day (you can optionally adjust this rate)

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It's recommened that you check the Cambio trade page for the latest pricing, as week to week fluctuations of some powers are possible.