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Welcome to Xatworld, Home of the very first and fastest growing Xat resource site! Dive in and get started! Try exploring the tabs below to find useful Xat related tools or just use the search box on our website to find anything you are looking for:

What's New?

Latest tools, generators and features from Xatworld.

URL Shortener

Create short URLs and easily share them in Xat, Twitter, Facebook or wherever you want. Make a long URL short.


Use this page to keep track of your promoted Chat/Banner Ads.


Substitue your standard lettering for these square letters with this new generator.

New Design!

We’re Happy to announce that we "XatWorld" are updating parts of our website with new functions and a new design. We will be working to make it even better, and perhaps more useful for everyone. Stay tuned!

Namegrad Generator

Easily create Namegrad codes and gradient effects without the hassle of hunting for and picking HTML/Hex color codes. When you are done you can simply copy and paste the code and use it right in your Nick.

Italic Letters

HMMMM.... Looking to pimp your Nick name? Great! We have the new "italic letters generator”. With this generator you can substitue your standard lettering for italic letters.

Explore the tabs below and find our tools more easily.


Active HUGS codes Updated automatically

Lists and information on the latest Xat HUGS codes. New hugs are usually accompany the release of new powers. You can quickly see them here.



All official Xat Avatar codes Generator included

Collection of every official Xat avatar. If you aren't a subscriber, these are the default avatars that you are able to choose from.


Radio Player

Radio player code for Xat

Just search for a radio station, get its IP, and paste it below. After clicking submit, you'll get the corresponding code to place beneath your chat.


Radio IP address

Find radio stations

Do you like reggae, Pop, Rock? Are you wanting to add a radio station to your Xat chat but aren’t sure where to get a radio IP address?


BG Tester

Xat Background and Button tester

Test your Xat backgrounds and button colors without leaving your Xat chat. Just upload a Xat bg, change your Xat chat button color and test it out.


Sounds #Audies

Xat chat SOUNDS codes

Xat chat Sounds contains a list of all Xat chat sound codes (Audies) with the added ability of being able to preview those Xat chat sounds here.


BIG Chat

Xat full screen big chat launcher

Use this big chat generator to generate special Xat code to launch a big, full-screen, large or huge version of your Xat chat or chatbox.



Xat stick code animations

Some cool stick code animations made famous from our own Best Stick Animation contest. To use them you must own the (STICK) power.



Proportional Xat chat resizer

This page will help you proportionally resize a chat. Just enter your chat group name, hit enter, then use the slider to change the chat to your desired size.



Kiss Generator

Use this kiss generator to test any xat kiss without having to enter and reload your chat each time. Select a kiss, customize, and copy the code.


ID Extractor

Quickly convert any Xat ID number

Simply type the Xat ID number and this generator will return the associated username/registered user name.


Chat ID Extractor

Easily get your Xat chat ID

This is the easiest way to get your Xat chat room ID. Simply use this Xat chat generator to extract your chat room's ID number.


Conversion Calculator

Conversion of xats/days

Calculate the rate of exchange between Xat currencies days and powers with our online Xat trade converter: xats to days and days to xats. Think of it as a simple calculator.


Rank Stripper

Xat Guest User/ Rank Stripper™

We've all run across that problem user that we regretfully modded or even worse, "ownered" at some point. This page will easily allow you to demote anyone from YOUR chat.


Pawn Codes

A compilation of all Xat pawn codes Upgraded

A complete collection of almost every Xat pawn (Xat hats) and their corresponding Xat pawn code. We've included approximate month/year since Xat tends to change things up a bit for each Holiday.



YouTube Embed code

Easily create your own Embed code for any YouTube video, below your Xat Chat or on your own Web Site or Blog.



Active PAWN codes Updated automatically

Here you'll find a full list of currently active Xat pawns and their corresponding Xat pawn code, Name, Smiley and Power required.



Nick contruction

Create fun and interesting nicks using powers. Quickly and easily create Xat powers nicks, choose their colors, and generate the code.



Xat cursor code generator Old Design

Use this Xat cursor code generator to create your own Xat cursor code. Xat cursors.



Xat LINK character counter

Simply tells you how many characters you have left and precisely when you've reached this limit.


More Generators...

Xat and Xatspace generators Old Design

Use these generators to create your own Xat and Xat space fun! - Free XatWorld Generators.


HEX Colors

Color Chart

This color codes chart can be used to change the color of your Xat page background, nicks, effects, powers, and other things on Xat.



Generate stylish color codes for Xat's Namecolor

Use this Xat generator to experiment with different namecolor color combinations without the hassle of html color codes hunting and picking.



Generate Namegrad codes and gradient effects

Use this page to more easily create Namegrad codes and gradient effects without the hassle for and picking Hex color codes.



Generate stylish color codes for Xat's Nameglow

Xat Nameglow colors generator. Use this page to more easily create Nameglow color codes for your Xat nick.


Hat Colors

Add color to Xat hats

Xat Hat code generator. Using this page you can easily create Xat hat color codes to add to your Xat nick or to dress up your Mess letters.


Coming Soon...

CSS Tools

We're working on this... Keep me updated



Edit pictures and graphics - Pixlr FREE

Need to create or edit some images for your Xat chat or Xatspace? Well...Photoshop, although expensive, is one option. A much easier solution would be to use our image editor. Give it a try!



Text editor ONLINE

Easily decorate your Xat chat. You can use it for things like creating Xat chat rules, decorating and adding some pop to your Xatspace, or whatever else you'd like.


Staff List

Xat Staff list generator

Easily create a list of all the members of your Xat chat. Make a custom current staff list for your main owners, moderators, members etc... Change colors, fonts, and backgrounds.



Convert your animated GIF

Use this page to convert your animated GIF to use Xat's Animate Power.



Convert a strip of pictures

Use this page to generate a strip of pictures to use Xat's Shuffle Power.




The original xat news and resource site for Spanish speakers.




The original xat resource site for Portuguese speakers.



Our Xat Chat

100% FREE XATWORLD.COM - The original Xat resource for Xat users



Partnering with Xatworld

Xatworld.com, in association with Mundoxat.com, Planetaxat.com and several other high profile sites within our network, is actively seeking out Widget startups.


Emojis 👻💖✌🐳👿

Emojis and Characters

Use these emojis, symbols and characters to create your own original Xat nicks and nicknames.



ASCII Symbols for your Nicks

Use these ASCII letters, symbols and characters to create your own original Xat nicks and nicknames.


ηι¢к мαкєя - ภเςк ๓คкєг

Text Weird Maker

This Weird Maker generator allows you to create cool and creative Nicks.


More Nick letters and Text Generators

Customize your Nicks

Looking for letters and symbols for your nicks? Here you'll find a cool list of Nick, Text generators and Nick Makers.



Register Xat Account

How to register a Xat account (ID).


Add Radio

Xat Radio

How to add a radio station to your Xat Chat.


Saving your Chat

Prevent group transfers

Login to your Xat chat to prevent group transfers



Bugs Xat Forum

xat Mobile bug reporting


Log Out

xat Accounts Generator

Quickly log out of your Xat chat accounts.


Latest Power: FOREVER

BG Color:

ID Name Availability Price Type Group? Have HUGS? Allpowers? Epic?
620 Forever UNLIMITED 229 xats User Power No No HUGS enabled No No



XatWorld latest Pawns XatWorld latest Pawns XatWorld latest Pawns XatWorld latest Pawns


The most useful and most viewed tools for Xat.

Active Pawns. Currently active pawns.

List updated automatically

Here you'll find a full list of currently active Xat pawns and their corresponding Xat pawn code, Name, Smiley and Power required.

View List

YouTube on Xat. YouTube Embed code.


Easily create your own Embed code for any YouTube video. This tool simply gives you the code to place a background YouTube video or playlist on your Xatspace, below your Xat Chat or on your own Web Site or Blog.

Create Code

Radio Stations. Xatworld IP Search.

Generator - Powered by SHOUTcast™

Find and listen to Radio Stations, get their IP addresses, and add music to your Xat chat/chatbox or to your own Web Site or Blog. Here you will find out how to add a Xat radio to your Xat chat - Tutorial included!

Find my Radio Station

Smiley Search. and Powers?.

Generator - 100% Updated

PSSSST! Don't remember which smileys belong to a Power or which powers belongs to a Smiley? Use this generator to quickly display all the Smileys for any given Power or to find the corresponding Power to any entered Smiley.


Xatworld Smiley/Power Search

Smileys. Full Size.


Quickly type in smiley and power codes to generate nice clean images on a solid white/colored background; great for screenshotting if you're looking to create Xat graphics, Xat backgrounds, full size Xat smileys and power graphics!.

Test my Smiley

Xatworld Smiley Generator


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