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Submit your best Xat Flag! A Xat contest so rare surely you will feel guilty for not Facebook'ing it! :)

Xat Flag contest!

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Below are the details of the Xat/Xatworld Flag contest.

  • Flag contest details

The details! and, with the help of, is searching for new ideas for the recently launched Xat Flag power.

During the next three weeks, you will be able to design and submit your very best and most creative ideas for new Xat Flags right here on Xatworld. First, second, third, forth and fifth through ninth place users will all receive prizes (see below) and possibly have their design(s) featured on the Xat Flag powers page.

All "rares" prize package worth over 220,000 to 265,000 xats! Cha-Ching!

1rst: 10 Angel
2nd: 5 Fade
3rd: 5 Clear
4th: 5 Hearts
5th through 9th: 1 Fade, 1 Clear, 1 Hearts

Note: these are "rares" - meaning they are limited powers not available for purchase in the Powers store.

The date!

All entries must be submitted by 11:59pm, June 29, 2010 (PST). Entries submitted after that day/time will not be accepted, sorry.

I'm interested! How do I get started?

Just create and email us () your image or photo of a cool idea for a Xat Flag. We will select the top 20 submissions and pass them on to staff for final selection and approval and post the winning entries right here.

Rules! (a.k.a. "the fine print")

- You must be a registered Xat user
- Up to 3 submissions per person.
- You must use the provided Xat Flag template (see below) and your final image must be either in jpg gif png or bmp format. Note: keep in mind that your flag will be scaled down to approximately 30 x 15px (that's a ratio of 2:1).
- Important: Although you can send us your design using the template below, please RESIZE YOUR FLAG to 30 x 15 pixels just SO YOU CAN SEE what it will look like at that size.
- No obsence and/or pornographic Flags.
- Although entries are required to be original creations and cannot be copied from anyone or anywhere else, you may use Xat smileys and/or generic clipart to better convey your idea. Flags that have been clearly copied from the internet will be eliminated from the contest.
- Text on flags "is allowed", but due to size constraints you are limiting the chances of your flag actually being chosen.
- By participating in this contest you agree to automatically grant (and you represent and warrant that you have the right to grant) to ltd. a full irrevocable Copyright of your Flag design.

xat flag

Thanks everyone! We'll keep you posted of any changes via our Xatworld Twitter feed (follow us now).

Update 1 - June 18 10:57 am: Do NOT add too much detail to your flag. We're getting wonderful entries but many of them have too much detail. Remember, your flag will be reduced to 30 x 15 pixels and at that size much of your detail will be lost.

Example: This flag has a great design, but at 30 x 15, most of the detail will be lost...

Actual size on

Original size while designing

Tip: Always reduce your flag to 30 x 15 to see what it will look like before submitting.

Update 1 - July 12 3:00 pm: ...and the Winning entries are! First off, a big thank you for everyone that participated and let others know about the contest. There were lots of interesting entries but in the end the strongest ones seemed to be those that (1) scaled down to 30 x 15, (2) had some universal attraction, and (3) could easily be made by

Anyone interested in viewing all "qualifying" entries can go here. I'll contact each of the nine winners via email and let them know how they can claim their prizes. Thanks again!

1 - 128168387 = 10 angel = AWARDED
2 - 247516665 = 5 fade = AWARDED
3 - 143675115 = 5 clear = AWARDED
4 - 129690905 = 5 hearts = AWARDED
5 - 65948637 = 1 fade, 1 clear, 1 hearts = AWARDED
6 - 65948637 = 1 fade, 1 clear, 1 hearts = AWARDED
7 - 67000000 = 1 fade, 1 clear, 1 hearts = AWARDED
8 - 142678147 = 1 fade, 1 clear, 1 hearts = AWARDED
9 - 247516665 = 1 fade, 1 clear, 1 hearts = AWARDED

First place

Second place

Third place

Forth place

Fifth place

Sixth place

Seventh place

Eighth place

Ninth place