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How to make money for your original ideas. Great way to get free xats, days, and powers
how to get free xats

Free moolah for your ideas:

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Do you have great ideas that you think would be helpful to other users? How'd you like to earn two $10 Ultimate game cards for each one of your orignial ideas? Read on! :)

  • Make money for your ideas

How to get started making money! (a.k.a UGC's)

1. First think up a great idea for our site. Remember, we are not looking for Xat power ideas, Xat smilies, or Xat features. You can continue to submit those ideas on's suggestion page. We want generators and ideas that can be used right here on; things like our smiley generator, big chat launcher, and color codes page. Feel free to submit anything that will better convey to us what you have in mind; pictures, diagrams, drawings, youtube videos, etc... The easier it is for us to understand, the better your chance are of getting it made.

2. Next, simply submit your idea to our site by emailing us at and title it "IDEA FACTORY"

3. We will review each idea and if it's something that (1) we feel would be of interest to all, and (2) can actually be created, once built and published to our site, we will contact you and send you one $10 Ultimate game card code; a value of 1200 xats and 60 days!

- Current offer: One $10 Ultimate game card for each published idea

Didn't get approved?

No need to worry. The Xatworld Idea Factory is here to stay. We know that inspriation can come at any moment in anyplace. Just jot your idea down and get it to us when you can. We'll always be here. Think of the Idea Factory as a place to come and exchange your ideas for hard cold xats, days and powers.

How much have we paid out?

Since April 25, 2010 and to date, our users have received $80 in Ultimate game cards!

Thank you all and pleeeeeeeeeeeeease spread the word!