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Xat radio search. Find and listen to Xat radio stations, IP addresses, and add music to your Xat chat/chatbox. Explains how to add a Xat radio to your Xat chat tutorial included!

Do you like reggae, Pop, Rock? Do you want to hear free latin music? Are you wanting to add a radio station to your Xat chat but aren’t sure where to get a radio IP address? Xatworld (Powered by SHOUTcast™ radio) IP search provides Xat users a free and easy way to both find and add radio stations and their corresponding IP's to any Xat chatbox or radio power.

SHOUTcast™ Radio is one of the largest directories of professionally and community programmed online radio stations in the world. Today SHOUTcast™ Radio features over 25,000 stations from around the globe. If you're into popular or indie music, or want to check out local or world programming, you're sure to find something you like on SHOUTcast™ Radio (SHOUTcast™ Radio terms of service).

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