Xat Radio Player - Radio player code for Xat

Xat trusted radio player embed code

Have you heard? Xat has made the decision to block all domains (image hosting, websites, etc...) including those that host radio players. That's the bad news. The good news is that they are creating a whitelist to allow certain, more popular, image hosting websites, generators, and yes, radio players. This generator uses one of Xat's approved radio player embed codes.

           Xat radio player

1. Go find a radio IP address on your own, or by using our radio search GET IP function.
2. Paste that IP (i.e. in the box below
3. Click the submit button to generate the corresponding code, and use it in the area below your chat (the EDIT portion)
4. IMPORTANT: close this page before trying the radio player on your chat page. You won't be able to hear the music if more than one player is being displayed at a time (weirdness)