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A contest so BIG it needed its own page. Submit your best Xat Stick animation to win a Purple power!

Stick animation contest!

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xat purple contest

Below are the details of the Stick animation contest.

  • Stick animation contest details - updated 01/20/2010

The details! and, with the help of (did you really think we had a Purple lying around?), is searching for the best Stick animation that you can come up with.

During the next two weeks, users will be able to submit their very best and most creative Stick power animations right here on Xatworld. Five user animations will be chosen by us and passed on to staff for final approval. Only one user (a.k.a. "the best!") will receive a Purple power, be paraded around their hometown and given the key to their city, and have their animation featured as the official Stick power smile. Yes you heard us! You may grow old, get married, have kids, and move on to new and exciting things, but your winning Stick animation will forever find its home within the pages of

Interested? Of course you are! Just submit your best Stick animation to either the Xatworld blog or the Mundoxat forum (Spanish speakers only please). We will consolidate and publish all entries right here along with the winning entry following final approval from

The prize(s)!

1 Purple power and your winning animation featured as the official Stick power smile.


All entries must be submitted by the end of January 15, 2010 (PST). Entries submitted after that day will not be accepted, sorry.


Mmmm I already posted this above! :D All entries must be submitted to either this Xatworld blog post or the Mundoxat forum (Spanish speakers only please).

Rules - ugh!

- All submissions must include (1) the Stick animation code [i.e. (stick#ACRT6gE=)] and (2) your registered user Xat ID number
- Obsence and/or pornographic Stick animations will recieve a chuckle and be promptly eliminated from the contest.
- Entries must be original creations and cannot be copied from anyone else. Anyone who takes someone elses animation will also be elimitated from the contest.
- Up to 3 animations may be sumitted per person.
- Winner agrees to automatically grant, and you represent and warrant that you have the right to grant, to ltd. a full irrevocable Copyright for their winning Stick design.

Thanks everyone! We'll keep you posted of any changes via our Xatworld Twitter feed (follow us now).

This contest is now closed. Results are in (1-20-2010) and have been posted below.

Thanks very much to everyone that participated, to Gizzy and Chelsea for helping out with the voting, and finally to for the idea and the prizes.

It really was difficult to come up with even the "Honorable mentions" as there were a lot of good animations and ideas. In the end, we sent 27 entries to Xat instead of the 5 that we had originally planned on simply because there were so many and it was too hard to narrow them down ourselves.

If you are the winner or one of the runner-ups, please be patient. I'll now have to track down each of you to distribute your prizes.


Thanks again!

Winning entry (Purple + Featured Stick)

Pushing - #214014257

Runner-ups (1,000 xats each)

1 - 3D Twirl 2 - Backflip 3 - Transformer 4 - Man Bat 5 - Kick to the Groin
#138093408 #152337689 #109593206 #118254086 #148555896

Honorable mention

Copter Windmill Wheel Butterfly Dive into head
Swimming Muskateer Firing gun Transformer II Spider
Ball to person Head roll HEY! Hanging monster Flying Fall from height
Fly/Fail - funny Spring into action Bird Spider to man Head roll