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Generate your own Xat CURSOR CODE - perfect to place a cursor on your Xatspace

Xat cursor codes

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Use this Xat cursor code generator to create your own Xat cursor code. Xat cursors, at this time anyway, can only be placed on your Xatspace profile. Xat cursors are not permitted below your chat.

  • Xat cursor code generator

Requirements before continuing:
- You must be a Xat registered user
- You must have a direct link (should end in .ani, .cur, .gif, .png, etc...) to your own cursor image and that image MUST be uploaded to either Photobucket, Tinypic, or Imageshack (no other images are allowed on Xat). Try Google for free cursors.
- You understand that cursors are only permited on your Xatspace. Xat doesn't allow them anywhere else.

1. When you're ready, paste the direct link to the cursor that you've uploaded in the box below. Click the button to generate your Xat cursor code:

2. Now, copy the cursor code you've generated FROM BOTH BOXES and click here to open and edit your Xatspace profile in a separate window. Follow steps 3, 4 and 5 below: