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Xat LINK character counter and code generator

Xat LINK character counter

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Xat's new LINK power allows you to create custom chat links (similar to Xat's own "wiki", "xats", "buy", and "register" style links) using keywords of your choosing. Users are allotted a limit of 500 characters from which to construct their Link codes. This tool simply tells you how many characters you have left and precisely when you've reached this limit.

To use, simply start typing in your keyword followed immediately by it's corresponding generated URL code making sure to separate each value with a comma.

Important: Do not use any uppercase letters for the keyword, do not use any punctuation and do not use any spaces. Also keep in mind that when pasting each URL code, you MUST discard the "" portion (see example below).

  • Xat Link power text generator

Properly formatted: color,9SBFj0,backgrounds,fdgtc5

500 character limit box (just type)

You have 500 characters remaining for your LINK power