XAT STICK CODES and animations - Xat stick code animations

A compilation of some of the more interesting Xat stick codes and Xat stick code animations

Below are some cool stick code animations made famous from our own Best Stick Animation contest. To use them you must own the (STICK) power. Simply copy each code and paste it behind your name field.
           Xat stick codes and animations

Pushing - #214014257

3D Twirl Backflip Transformer Man Bat Kick to the Groin
#138093408 #152337689 #109593206 #118254086 #148555896

Copter Windmill Wheel Butterfly Dive into head

Swimming Muskateer Firing gun Transformer II Spider

Ball to person Head roll HEY! Hanging monster Flying Fall from height

Fly/Fail - funny Spring into action Bird Spider to man Head roll