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Xat Avatars: A comprehensive look at every official Xat avatar number, code and image.
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Xat Avatar codes and images

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This is a comprehensive collection of every official Xat avatar that currently exists on If you aren't a subscriber, these are the default avatars that you are able to choose from. Just click your name and to the right of PICTURE, type in the numerical value of the avatar that you'd like to have (see below).

Xat only allows 16 avatars to be viewed at any given time and each group of 16 is presented to the user in a random fashion. We created this page to allow Xat users the ability to see all the avatars and to be able to visually search for those groups of avatars that they find most interesting (i.e. Batman avatars, Peanut's avatars, anime avatars, Sesame street avatars, Ren & Stimpy avatars, Simpsons avatars, etc...). Below each avatar is listed its corresponding avatar number that can be used directly in Xat.

  • All official Xat Avatar codes