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Xat bots? Get a Xat bot for your Xat chat. Choose from the many different Xat bots out there; just like Xattenger

Xat Bots / Xat bot - Xat bots for your Xat chat!

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This is a placeholder for the various Xat bot services in existence. xat bots auto-moderate your Xat chat when you are and aren't online. Your chat bot can kick, ban, moderate staff and member new chat users. Each bot service comes with a dedicated website complete with login and admin. From there you control your Xat bot entirely on your own.

Xat bots started back in 2009 with Doriana's Xattenger Xat bot service. Sometime later 3nvisi0n released a basic Xat bot code that several other people built on. Through it's various interations there are a few that currently stand side-by-side and have been recognized offcially on the bot wiki. Check out each one for a list of various chat bot commands and see what works for your Xat chat.

  • Where to find Xat bots

We do not have a "bot pick" at the moment (we will review and include one when we've found one that we like)

  • How to assign a Xat bot to your chat
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